If you work at a company with open positions and you're looking for awesome available candidates, we've compiled some top resources to bookmark.

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User-Generated Lists:

Awesome People List

Awesome People List - Startup COVID-19 Layoffs (opt-in) - Google Drive


#OnTheMarket : Drafted's List of Laid off Folks (04/2/2020)

Startup, Hire Me

Startup, Hire Me!

Candor: The layoff hiring list

The Layoff Hiring List

Parachute List



Layoffs.fyi Coronavirus Tracker - Layoffs.fyi

One Soft Landing

One Soft Landing

Silver Lining

Silver Lining

Socionado - Black, Latinx & Underrepresented Covid-19 Layoffs

Socionado Posts

Opt-In Lists

The following are company-specific lists of employees who were affected in a recent RIF or layoff (and have opted-in to have their information shared with recruiters).

AirBnB (US)

Airbnb's Talent Directory

AirMap (Santa Monica)

AirMap Talent Share

Alto Pharmacy (SF)

Alto Talent Directory | September 2020

Atrium (SF)

Atrium Employees for Placements (opt-ins)

Blueground (US)

Blueground US - COVID-19 Impact Employee List

Brandless (SF, NY, Minneapolis)

The Layoff List - Brandless

Brex (SF)

Brex Alumni

Cadre (NY)

Cadre - Soft Landings Sheet

Carta (SF, SLC, other)

Carta Team Open to Opportunities

ClassPass (NY, Missoula)

ClassPass 2020 Layoffs - Engineering, Product & Design - Google Drive

Checkr (SF)

Checkr Impact List - External.xlsx

Cheetah (US)

Cheetah Former Employees October 2020

Clearbit (SF)

Clearbit Placement (Responses)

Compass (US)

Resume Showcase - Gallery

Dropbox (US)

Dropbox Alumni List

Ejento (SF, LA)

Ejento - Connectors Open for Opportunities

Eventbrite (SF, Nashville, Vancouver)

2020 Eventbrite Alumni List - Google Drive

Grailed (NY)

Grailed Alumni - Open to New Opportunities

Greenhouse (NY)

Referrals for former Greenhouse folks

Groupon (Chicago)

Groupon Talent List

HopSkipDrive (LA)

HopSkipDrive available tallent

Hubspot alumni (US)

HubSpot Alumni Looking for New Roles

Intercom (SF, Dublin, Sydney)

Intercom's Talent Directory

Jetty (NY)

Jetty - The Layoff List Template


JUUL Connection

KeepTruckin / 1st Layoff (SF, LA, Chicago, Nashville)

Ex-KeepTruckin//One Point Logistics Layoff List 2/2020

KeepTruckin / 2nd Layoff (SF, Chicago)

Ex-KeepTruckin Layoff List 3/2020 - Google Drive

Lola (Boston)

Lola employees on the market - Google Drive

Lever (SF, Toronto)

Lever Layoff List | April 2020

Lime (SF)

Lyft (US)

2020 Amazing Ex-Lyft People (PUBLIC) - if high traffic, wait a bit then refresh (started today) - Google Drive

Managed by Q (NY)

Managed by Q Team Members Looking For New Roles

Magic Leap (Floria + US)

Magic Leap: Next Chapter: external facing

Metromile (SF)

Metromile April 2020 Layoffs

Namely (Atlanta, NY, remote)

Namely Impact List May 2020

New Relic (Global)


Opendoor (SF + other US)

2020 Amazing Ex-Opendoor People (Public) - Google Drive

Payjoy (SF)

Impacted PayJoy Employees - 4/28/20 layoff